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5 Best Cheap Cam Girl Shows for 2019

Let’s be REALLY honest guys, it’s not so much about looks when you want to get off really quick on a cam site. When you are really horny and using cam girl chat’s all about value and getting off with a cam girl who is having fun and focused on making you happy. That’s not to say that our top ranked cheap adult webcam show for 2019 isn’t a sexy cam girl; but just to say that getting off quickly at a fair price is probably your higher priority.

One of the Cheapest Sex Cam Models is SlaveForYou

  1. 23-year-old SlaveForYou of Venezuela delivers true value! So if you agree with the premise we started on, then cheap Streamate cam girl ‘SlaveForYou‘ is a nude cam show you’ll be bookmarking for the future. For just $1.20 per minute this stunning Venezuelan webcam model will having you saving a bundle whole of coins but also sitting on the edge of your seat with lotion an tissue in tow; all within a fer strokes. Check out her super cheap adult webcams action in the picture below or go directly to her room.
super cheap adult webcams
SlaveForYou offers one of the best super cheap adult webcams shows online.

The truth is there are literally hundreds of other cheap sex cam models if you run the search for 1 dollar cam shows after you register at this free to join adult webcam site.

Low Cost Adult Webcam Shows Span Many Sites

cam girl chat sites
Most cam girl chat sites will have some lower cost adult webcam performers if you employ some efforts to find them.

2. Tiny 22-year-old AnabelMurray at LiveJasmin is another ultra-hot webcam model who does cheap live sex webcam shows at just $1.68 per minute. Under two bucks for nude webcam chat is incredibly low cost and this stunning entertainer is Nordic making this an even more incredible value. Let’s be honest, most American and European cam girl shows are expensive at around $3.50 per minute, but with some searching after you just take 1 minute to register at LiveJasmin and you will see there are many others like her offering cheap private adult cam shows. Best of all, you can go directly to purchase the starter package of credits for less than 10 dollars and then quickly browse cheap live sex cams.

New Cam Girls Offer Some of the Lowest Cost Adult Cam Shows

3. If you have not already registered at, a cursory overview of there ‘new cam girls section’ followed by clicking on their ‘start private show’ function will also uncover some of the better values in live sex cams at a more non private cam show. The fact is many of these new cam girls have no reference point for the going rates and so they often set their prices for nude cam shows too low. Just skim over the new cam girls prices for private shows and you’ll see wide ranges and often finds some super low cost adult webcam shows. Beaubellaxxx was just one of many we found the last time we looked. This gorgeous 19-year-old college cam girl was charging just 30 tokens per minute and could be doing the same amount of shows for twice that.

blondiebetsy : Example of low price cam girls
blondiebetsy : Example of low price cam girls

4. Another cheap new cam girl show is that of blondiebetsy a 20-year-old thick blonde Russian cam girl. Also if you want to first get a baseline of the real price differences in business models at different adult cam sites we wrote about that in an article titled, ‘True Prices of Adult Webcam Sites‘.

Regardless of the adult webcam site you select, doing browsing using tags and keywords is a great trick to saving some cold hard cash on sex chat. Cheap adult webcams shows are good and plenty, so be a little more frugal in the year ahead and find yourself saving some money for the real dating action offline.

As we discussed in past blog posts on cheap live sex cams, finding 1 dollar cam girl shows is not rocket science, you just need to know where to look. Our list of Cheap adult cam sites ranks the lowest prices on the web for nude cam girl shows. It should also be said that we share this information not to be cheap towards cam models nor because we do not see value in the nude cam shows these models perform. Just the contrary, to share that in fact adult webcam aka live porn has different price points and is accessible to most all adults. Also sometimes people turn to cam models for non-nude shows and just chat. These same entertainers are always open for that too in case you just want to have some interaction and talk with beautiful women on cam.

ImLive Happy Hour offers Cheap Private Cam Shows
cheap live xxx webcams
ImLive Happy Hour denotes some really cheap live xxx webcams.

ImLive also offers a good array of choices for cheap live xxx webcams. Happy Hour marked cam shows are girls offering truly nude webcam shows for super cheap rates of just .88 cents per hour. That’s NOT A typo. Scoop up a deal of sex cams at any of these great choices or try The bottom line is you just need to know how to get cheap adult cam shows.

costs of adult cam shows

True Costs of Live Sex Sites

Today were talking all about the real prices for cam girl shows at all the top adult webcam sites. It sure is funny how some adult webcam sites try to cloak the costs of adult cam shows in a veil of secrecy. Our goal is to just get the facts out to people about the real live sex prices at each video chat site. Check prices by site for LiveJasmin, Streamate, ImLive, Chaturbate, StripChat and others here. Compare the best deals here with out list of the 7 cheapest sex cam sites.

prices of adult webcams shows
A breakdown of actual costs for all the top adult webcam sites.

1. Streamate Show Costs

$1 to $4.00 per min. No tokens or credits here just good old American greenbacks.


2. Chaturbate Prices

$10 for 100 tokens
$20 for 200 tokens
$45 for 50 tokens
$80 for 1000 tokens


3. LiveJasmin Costs

$34 for 25 credits
$75 for 65 credits
$106 for 95 credits
$170 for 160 credits


4. Costs

$12 for 100 tokens
$20 for 175 tokens
$50 for 500 tokens
$100 for 1100 tokens
3 Month Package: $39 Per Month
1 Month Package: $20 Per Month


5. ImLive Costs

1 dollar per credit – Now that is crystal clear and simple! Ya gotta love the clarity of the prices for cam girls shows here.


6. BongaCams Costs

$3 for 17 tokens
$8 for 50 tokens
$20 for 135 tokens
$30 for 244 tokens
$49 for 432 tokens
$75 for 650 tokens
$499 for 4500 tokens
$990 for 8990 tokens


7. StripChat Costs

$9 for 90 tokens
$19 for 200 tokens
$50 for 500 tokens
$99 for 1000 tokens
$199 for 2200 tokens

costs of adult cam shows
We are pleased to share the true and actual costs of adult cam shows


Few neat observations of the 7 top adult webcam sites, 4 of the sites use tokens, 2 use credits, and one just spells out the costs in dollars per minute. Whatever platform for cam girls video chat that you prefer this information about the real prices of adult webcams shows should help all understand in a more apple-to-apples method how they compare to one another. Remember to keep in mind that cam girls themselves decide on rates at all adult webcam sites because all the cam models are actually independent contractors and not employees of cam sites. This means they will dictate how many credit or tokens they want to charge per minute and not the actual cam sites. Therefore, you can never really say one site is cheaper than another except for trends. It is those trends that we followed when we compiled our list of the lowest cost adult webcam sites. It’s certainly not a perfect science but we think our numbers are a great rule of thumb and will help people save money on some of the worlds most popular porn sites.

Finding 1 Dollar Cam Girls Shows

Today we are talking about how to find adult webcams chat for under 1 dollar per minute. Pretty narrow topic one might think but the truth is, it is not a narrow topic at all. Let me explain. Millions of people watch adult webcams sites each day; yes mostly men, but thousands of women as well. Not much is published online these days about adult cam prices because the truth is not many people have really taken the time to document their experiences using sex webcams. I mean right? Who wants to first admit their using live sex cams sites, then also take the time to write about it as if it is a serious topic. Lucky for you, there are a number of websites these days (like the one you are reading now) that are documenting their experiences using adult video chat sites.

So with all that said, let me preface this topic of cheap adult video chat sites and explain why using streamate, ’99c’ search tag is actually something that is of substantial value to everyone who wants to enjoy cheap sex chat. This tag means cam models chat charge just 99 cents per minute. Another tag that also uncovers super low prices for adult webcams is the tag, ‘cheap’. If you are an advanced user of understand what I am talking about go to, register, and try it. You are in for a pleasant surprise. If you are new to cams and need more of an explanation than read on….

There are a number of very cheapest cam sites, but it comes down to locating the cam girls with the lowest prices.

Step 1. Understanding The Landscape & Costs of Adult Webcam Sites

So first off you have to be aware of the number of cam sites for adults and understand that Streamate the most popular adult cam site in the U.S.A..In America if you’re wanting truly private live sex webcam shows, chances are you are already a member of streamate or one of its subsidiaries aka as white label or webmaster operated clone sites. These clone sites number over 3,000 now and many of the largest free porn video sites offer live cams using their own brand over the top of the platform. After all sites like RedTubeLive and YouPornLive are just clones of Streamate running a brand over the top if this cam site. So this is also a great tip for saving money at RedTubeLive or YouPornLive as well. Really though you should always join the original site that powers the others and that is Streamate.

Step 2. Be Aware of Adult Cam Prices

Adult cam prices prices vary but the fact is most users who have been active on adult webcams sites for a while know that typically a cam girl show costs around $3.00 to $5.00 per minute. That can also go up a lot from there with porn cam girls charging sometimes around $8.00 or more per minute. With that mind the best prices for live webcam sex depends on the models. Really to get cheap sex webcams shows you need to find cheap cam girls.

Cheap adult webcams shows only happen when the environment is right to create competition.

THE KEY TO CHEAP ADULT WEBCAMS: Using Tags to Find 1 Dollar Per Minute Adult Webcam

Once you discover ($1.00) 1 dollar adult webcams shows, you will start to think differently about using live sex cam sites. You will probably think to yourself that you have been wasting lots of money up till the moment you stumbled onto what we are talking about today. The truth is there are cheaper cam girls shows at Streamate, because Streamate is such a popular and competitive adult webcams site for cam models. This level of competition among cam girls creates the atmosphere whereby Streamate ends up being among the cheapest live sex sites. You see in order to have cheap adult video chat, cam girls must have an incentive to offer low-cost adult webcams shows. At Streamate the models incentive is to get more popular and be featured on the first few pages. It is this environment that makes this website the tip of the spear as far as the cheapest cam sites. If you have used some of the other cam sites like Flirt4Free (reviews at that link), LiveJasmin (reviews at that link), or ImLive (reviews at that link) then you know that adult video chat costs are usually $3 – $4 dollars per minute. Sometimes a little less, if you do a little hunting for hot cam girls at low prices. However, cheap sex chat typically never is possible, at least not on webcams anywhere near 1 dollar per minute. Likewise cheaper webcam sex shows typically would mean less sought after or attractive models. However, what we are going to show you is not about less attract internet models. It is simply about lower priced adult webcams sites, due to competition among cam girls.

So I am just going to come right out and say it. The cheapest adult webcam sex site is, because of the fact models artificially push down their show prices to get a higher rank. The same models will charge less at other cam sites because there is not as many customers.It’s that simple guys. So here is what you need to do to see the cam girls that offer 1 dollar adult webcams shows. I hate to sound like an infomercial but it’s these 3 easy steps you need to take to start saving money on adult webcams.

Step A. Join – takes 2 minutes or less.

Step B. Set your username which takes another minute tops.

Step C. Go to the home page and input ’99c’ into the search box. Don’t believe me? Do this search first. The tag or search number is 9763 in their system and it returned these models that were online now and charged under 1 dollar per minute.

Cam girls show under 1 dollar per minute

Here is what the tags look like (screenshot)

Just always use this 99 cents search tag.

So registering which is free and then searching ’99c’ is literally all you need to do to get the best prices for adult webcams show. It’s literally that straightforward to locating the cam girls with with the lowest prices. Don’t feel bad, if your just today discovering this overlooked method to get the best prices for live sex webcams. It took us 3 years using adult cam sites before we stumbled onto this treasure trove of cheap webcam sex shows. Bar none, this is why I am say for sure that this is the single cheapest adult webcam sex site. After all, where else can you choose from hundreds of cheap cam girls shows and be getting 1 dollar adult webcams. Real $1.00 per minute cam girls shows are frankly hard to believe but it is in fact the truth that dozens of cam models are offering these shows each and every day.

How to Get Cheap Adult Cams Shows

Today we are sharing tips to get low-cost and even cheap adult webcams shows. We discuss the best deals on adult cams & where to find cheap cam shows. Sex cams aka adult webcams can cost a lot, but at these webcam sites you will save some serious money whether you’re talking US dollars or British pounds!


Finding the Best Deals on Adult Cams

Through our guide to the lowest prices on adult webcam chat sites you will be exposed to the real costs of each adult cam site. Simply look at the adult webcams costs chart and compare costs for live adult cams in the 2nd column. We don’t even bother to list the most expensive cam sites because nobody wants to pay too much. The cheap cam shows are the top 3 in this table. As you can see, literally just 7 cents separated the two low-cost sex webcams sites. These were Streamate (review at that link) and ImLive (review at that link).  Both of these two lead our list of cheap adult webcam sites.

1 dollar adult webcams shows are pretty common at this girls cams site. This particular inexpensive cam girl is named YourSubToRule and she is a submissive internet model into BDSM and Domination.


The Math of Adult Webcam Site Costs

You see we took the collective average costs after choosing 5 internet models at random at each cam site and then added the costs of their shows together then we divided by 5. Not perfect science, but as close any anybody can come at getting to the bottom of the best prices on adult live cams. The more costly sex cams sites were upwards of $5.00 per minute on average. However, with the 5 cheapest adult webcams sites, you could see reduced expenditures on your live adult entertainment by nearly 40%. All you really need to do is just choose the cam sites with the lowest prices. Remember, that is specific intent of our website; to save you some serious coin on cheap cam sex.

Guide to Cheap Sex Cams

So what exactly qualifies as ‘cheap’ when it comes to adult webcams. Well let me give you some frame of reference on costs at the leading adult webcams sites.

  • Low Costs: 2 dollars or 2 and a half pounds per minute or less are those adult webcams sites we would call cheap.
  • Mid Range Costs: Anything more than this up to 2 dollars and 75 cents or 3 and a half pounds would be middle of the road of average costs of live adult webcam chat.
  • High Costs: Expensive cam sites are good and plenty, as in 60% of users of cam sites are paying more than they need to be.

We’ve seen cam girls charging up to $24.00 per minute. Our attitude is more power to models who can charge that much per minute. However, not everyone can either afford those adult webcam rates and sometimes it’s a matter of making informed decisions; it never makes sense to overpay. Cheap adult webcams would be those with the lowest costs.  You can also read our Cheap cam site reviews, where we delve deeper into the features of each cam site as well as the costs to all the top adult webcams sites.

An example of Cheap adult webcams, this internet model charges just 99 cents per minute. Her name is Mona_Love69 and for less than 1 dollar a minute, this is frankly super-cheap!


This Cam Site Offers The Very Best Deal!

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