costs of adult cam shows

True Costs of Live Sex Sites

Today were talking all about the real prices for cam girl shows at all the top adult webcam sites. It sure is funny how some adult webcam sites try to cloak the costs of adult cam shows in a veil of secrecy. Our goal is to just get the facts out to people about the real live sex prices at each video chat site. Check prices by site for LiveJasmin, Streamate, ImLive, Chaturbate, StripChat and others here. Compare the best deals here with out list of the 7 cheapest sex cam sites.

prices of adult webcams shows
A breakdown of actual costs for all the top adult webcam sites.

1. Streamate Show Costs

$1 to $4.00 per min. No tokens or credits here just good old American greenbacks.


2. Chaturbate Prices

$10 for 100 tokens
$20 for 200 tokens
$45 for 50 tokens
$80 for 1000 tokens


3. LiveJasmin Costs

$34 for 25 credits
$75 for 65 credits
$106 for 95 credits
$170 for 160 credits


4. Costs

$12 for 100 tokens
$20 for 175 tokens
$50 for 500 tokens
$100 for 1100 tokens
3 Month Package: $39 Per Month
1 Month Package: $20 Per Month


5. ImLive Costs

1 dollar per credit – Now that is crystal clear and simple! Ya gotta love the clarity of the prices for cam girls shows here.


6. BongaCams Costs

$3 for 17 tokens
$8 for 50 tokens
$20 for 135 tokens
$30 for 244 tokens
$49 for 432 tokens
$75 for 650 tokens
$499 for 4500 tokens
$990 for 8990 tokens


7. StripChat Costs

$9 for 90 tokens
$19 for 200 tokens
$50 for 500 tokens
$99 for 1000 tokens
$199 for 2200 tokens

costs of adult cam shows
We are pleased to share the true and actual costs of adult cam shows


Few neat observations of the 7 top adult webcam sites, 4 of the sites use tokens, 2 use credits, and one just spells out the costs in dollars per minute. Whatever platform for cam girls video chat that you prefer this information about the real prices of adult webcams shows should help all understand in a more apple-to-apples method how they compare to one another. Remember to keep in mind that cam girls themselves decide on rates at all adult webcam sites because all the cam models are actually independent contractors and not employees of cam sites. This means they will dictate how many credit or tokens they want to charge per minute and not the actual cam sites. Therefore, you can never really say one site is cheaper than another except for trends. It is those trends that we followed when we compiled our list of the lowest cost adult webcam sites. It’s certainly not a perfect science but we think our numbers are a great rule of thumb and will help people save money on some of the worlds most popular porn sites. reviews

Chaturbate reviews

What sets us apart is our focus on researching sex cam sites from the perspective of the real costs to the end users. In order to find the best deals and cheap live webcam shows you first must be able to tell what each site costs. Right? 

chaturbate prices
Real chaturbate show prices and costs to use private sessions.

First we extracted the method that chaturbate has users pay for shows, then took a flat dollar amount consisting of $1,000.00 U.S. dollars and used the funds at chaturbate applying the costs to a random sample of models. As a result we were able to able to determine the real average costs per minute for live sex cam shows at Chaturbate. No other methods are based on science unless they employ some similar methodology. Likewise, we used the same process for all of the 7  most used sex cam sites in the world.

Shortcut: Avg. Price per minute was $4.20 at Chaturbate

Chaturbate reviews, as far as price per minute.

We think that the typical person that uses live webcams sites should be able to look at all the adult live webcam sites side-by-side and then be able to actually tell what the cost per minute is for live sex cam shows at that site. While the price for sex cam shows at Chaturbate are all clearly marked, each sex cam site has a different way to deliver shows. In some cases the site will sell you packs, in other cases it’s a flat fee for all performers, or it’s called a credit, and yet in other cases you get tokens that are worth different amounts per minute depending on which sex cams model you choose. Since it’s never REALLY EASY TO BE ABLE TO COMPARE APPLES TO APPLES, we knew others would find our comparisons useful. Partially because not everyone has an extra $1000.00 to spend on all sites. However, in order to really see how the law of averages applies you have to have a large chunk of money to get a fair outcome.  chaturbate costs

Keep in mind that the whole point is this; many people are looking for cheap adult webcam sites and places where they can just spend a few bucks and get a fair value. By publishing our findings you can have the best of both worlds. Meaning that for big spenders of adult webcam sites you can see where over time you can save the most money. Likewise, those of you who rarely use sex cam sites you too can learn where the best deals are by using the comparison table. There you can find the way that Chaturbate charges you and what that really means as far as the price per minute; a standard metric that is much easier to understand! models
Chaturbate Live Model Window

Making sense of the costs at Chaturbate

Again, due to the commitment of  time necessary for others to come up with this information; as far as doing the math to determine the average costs of using each adult cam site, especially for those who plan to use sites like Chaturbate for a longer time frame; it seemed like sharing what each of the top sex cam sites cost would be something of use to many. When we took a random sampling of models at this site, than spent that flat sum of money it made it very transparent how much time we really got with cam models for our money. If you did this for each of the top sex cam sites, before long it would be clear which adult webcam sites cost the least. It’s simply a matter of doing the math and taking the time.

Outcome of our study on live cam show prices for Chaturbate

First things first, let’s talk about how we picked the top 7 sex cams sites to include in our study on just the real costs of adult webcam sites. We made these selections in a very fair and impartial manner based on a 3rd party that provides traffic analytics. The Chaturbate reviews, based on costs and prices were included because this site is a top visited site according to Alexa. You don’t get millions of users if you are running a scam, hence there is little question that it’s a popular site. The real question was getting down to the real costs.

Where Chaturbate ranks as far as the lowest priced adult cam sites

We only took the most popular adult webcam sites, then we applied the same rules to all of them. You can't argue with math!
We only took the most popular adult webcam sites, then we applied the same rules to all of them. You can’t argue with math!

Just to review, the site we are discussing is just Chaturbate, but since we already know that it is a large and mainstream adult webcam site, the next question becomes where does rank as far as the lowest priced adult webcams? Since we have chosen just the top sites as noted above, the last step was taking the outcomes of the averages for the flat sum we spent on all the top sex cam sites, then comparing it to the outcome of the other lowest priced adult webcam sites.

XCAMS COST REVIEW CONCLUSION: The costs for sex webcam shows on Xcams is $4.20 on average. Accordingly the cost rank across the adult webcams industry is 5th

That being said, there are 4th sites that offer cheaper sex cam shows. Find out on the comparison table where to find the cheapest sex cams or visit this Chaturbate here.

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