FunLiveWebCams Reviews

If there is one website out there living upto its name – its Funlivewebcams. It is fun and it has sexy models live 24 by 7. Yes, you read that right! You have these gorgeous, stunning, kinky models live for you at any time of the day or night!

Competitive prices and crazy variety of nude cam girls

One of the most advanced cam communities online, Funlivewebcams offer all their services at a competitive price and you can start a chat with men or women, amateurs or pro models, from all around the world. This is a webcam site offers hottest XXX porn webcam shows. It is safe to say that it’s the best chat site for live sex.  Like any other adult cams site, funlivewebcam has clean website layout with perfect segregation of categories like amateur, ebony, chubby, interracial and so on. Needless to say. It has a vast selection of cam girls and boys who are ever ready to give you a good time. model
FunLiveWebcams Live Model Window !

Funlivewebcams membership costs

The membership costs of Funlivewebcam is pretty simple. You may use your credit/debit card, paypal account or bitcoins to buy credits. Do not worry the transaction is discreet and your privacy is guaranteed. They also offer support in terms of mail, chat and phone call.

The plans are as follows –

Credit Costs ($)
27.99 (+ free credits worth 1.99)37.99
67.99 (+ free credits worth 5.99)86.99
97.99 (+ free credits worth 7.99)97.99
157.99 (+ free credits worth 9.99)204.99
187.99 (+ free credits worth 9.99)244.49


If you ask us, the prices are pretty decent for the huge variety of models they have! Even if it is not the cheapest adult cam site, it definitely offers value for money. With an average per min cost of top-notch adult cam less than 2$, Funlivewebcam is one of the most cost-effective adult webcam site!

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SuperTrip Reviews

While regular porn is great, adult cam sites are surely getting more popular with the users for one simple reason – interaction. With a name so unique (and misleading at times!), Super Trip, the adult cam site,  makes big claims about the experience you’ll have when you visit it. It works on proven formula (cam + model) and puts its own unique spin to it. Honestly, I’ve had many porn cam trips and I’m always looking for an amazing one, so I didn’t think twice before heading over and checking it out.

TIP: The current cheapest adult webcams site is Chaturbate (reviews at that link).

When was the last time an adult webcam site lived up to its name?

Well, does!

Launched years ago, and crowned with several awards since then, SuperTrip gives what it promises – free unadulterated cam fun at next level!

supertrip reviews

When you first visit the website, you will be taken aback with its very basic features and layout, but what it lacks in technology the site makes it up with its database. Having close to a thousands of cam models is no joke! Ebony, white, chubby, gay, straight, lesbian think of any type or any kink you will surely find someone who fits the bill.

SUPERTRIP reviews, just the money matters.

This uniquely name site  boasts of a neat and high-end design esthetic. Professionally clicked, large preview images of nude cam models  fill the main page. Hover over the images to see a live preview, or a sexy video or kinky slideshow of the cam model who may or may not be online or in a private chat.

Its extensive advanced search engine lets you filter body types, kinks, ages, ass and bust size, or price. You’ll also see a little “vibrator” icon on the preview image for girls using teledildonic devices (vibrators that lets you take the  control via tipping). Another plus it that the website is mobile-friendly.Even though their ‘Help’ section looks outdated, the turnaround time is absolutely fantastic. Go through their FAQs section if you find yourself stuck with payment or cam related queries. models Live Model Window

Making sense of the SUPERTRIP Costs.

Signing up for SuperTrip is absolutely free and gives you access to its group chats. However, if you are looking to interact with any of the cam model you will need to charge your account. Going private with your favourite model will cost you a per-minute rate ranging from $1-$5. I understand this is not the cheapest webcam show out there, but a little research and you will be able to extract value for every penny spent.

Outcome of our study on live cam show prices for

When it comes to opt for ‘Private shows’, I would recommend taking a look at the model’s profiles and watch them in their room live so you can get a sense of what they look like and how they act. Public chat room is great to make an initial connection and once you like what you see, you can put your money there.

How Adult Cam Prices Compared

Being in adult cam industry since a decade has definitely given an edge to SuperTrip over other cam sites, which are still struggling with teething issues even though they have best of technology or cams. SuperTrip already proved that they already took away the baton from the other site when it comes to price. 

STRIPCHAT REVIEWS CONCLUSION: Another noteworthy feature of SuperTrip is each model has a detailed profile so you can view their photos, see reviews from fellow cam customers and get to know them before you invest yourself. And, to make the deal even sweeter, you will find impressive amount of models online at any time of the day.

Another noteworthy feature of SuperTrip is each model has a detailed profile so you can view their photos, see reviews from fellow cam customers and get to know them before you invest yourself. And, to make the deal even sweeter, you will find impressive amount of models online at any time of the day.

This of course still doesn’t mean that SuperTrip stands at the top when it comes to overall best cam site. Remember our comparison table shows the absolute best cam sites of 2019. Honest reviews and ratings on each of them to help and aware the users to stay away from scams. However, it is proven that SuperTrip is the reasonably priced.We let users decide on that and instead focus on the costs of cam sites. This concludes our SuperTrip reviews. You can try SuperTrip using the visit website button here…


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costs of adult cam shows

True Costs of Live Sex Sites

Today were talking all about the real prices for cam girl shows at all the top adult webcam sites. It sure is funny how some adult webcam sites try to cloak the costs of adult cam shows in a veil of secrecy. Our goal is to just get the facts out to people about the real live sex prices at each video chat site. Check prices by site for LiveJasmin, Streamate, ImLive, Chaturbate, StripChat and others here. Compare the best deals here with out list of the 7 cheapest sex cam sites.

prices of adult webcams shows
A breakdown of actual costs for all the top adult webcam sites.

1. Streamate Show Costs

$1 to $4.00 per min. No tokens or credits here just good old American greenbacks.


2. Chaturbate Prices

$10 for 100 tokens
$20 for 200 tokens
$45 for 50 tokens
$80 for 1000 tokens


3. LiveJasmin Costs

$34 for 25 credits
$75 for 65 credits
$106 for 95 credits
$170 for 160 credits


4. Costs

$12 for 100 tokens
$20 for 175 tokens
$50 for 500 tokens
$100 for 1100 tokens
3 Month Package: $39 Per Month
1 Month Package: $20 Per Month


5. ImLive Costs

1 dollar per credit – Now that is crystal clear and simple! Ya gotta love the clarity of the prices for cam girls shows here.


6. BongaCams Costs

$3 for 17 tokens
$8 for 50 tokens
$20 for 135 tokens
$30 for 244 tokens
$49 for 432 tokens
$75 for 650 tokens
$499 for 4500 tokens
$990 for 8990 tokens


7. StripChat Costs

$9 for 90 tokens
$19 for 200 tokens
$50 for 500 tokens
$99 for 1000 tokens
$199 for 2200 tokens

costs of adult cam shows
We are pleased to share the true and actual costs of adult cam shows


Few neat observations of the 7 top adult webcam sites, 4 of the sites use tokens, 2 use credits, and one just spells out the costs in dollars per minute. Whatever platform for cam girls video chat that you prefer this information about the real prices of adult webcams shows should help all understand in a more apple-to-apples method how they compare to one another. Remember to keep in mind that cam girls themselves decide on rates at all adult webcam sites because all the cam models are actually independent contractors and not employees of cam sites. This means they will dictate how many credit or tokens they want to charge per minute and not the actual cam sites. Therefore, you can never really say one site is cheaper than another except for trends. It is those trends that we followed when we compiled our list of the lowest cost adult webcam sites. It’s certainly not a perfect science but we think our numbers are a great rule of thumb and will help people save money on some of the worlds most popular porn sites. reviews

StripChat Reviews

We are always really careful before we add just any new adult webcams site to our reviews because let’s be honest, lots of fly by night adult chat sites offering webcams don’t last. They either face into obscurity (never get popular) because they don’t run their business well, or they fail in some other aspect of the live cams business. Today we are talking about a still relatively new adult webcams site, but one that has proven itself as being here to stay. The name of this adult webcams site is StripChat. As usual, today we will compare cam site from aspect of costs for cam girls shows. As we have said before and I will say again, “What sets this website apart is our focus on researching sex cam sites from the perspective of the real costs to the end users. In other words, we’re always on the lookout at where to get cheap adult webcam shows. Low cost cam girls live shows are the focus of our website. With that in mind let’s talk about how the prices compare at StripChat.

TIP: The current cheapest adult webcams site is Streamate (reviews at that link).

First we extracted the method that StripChat has users pay for shows which was tokens, then we took a flat dollar amount consisting of $400.00 U.S. dollars and used the funds at applying the costs to a random sample of models. As a result we were able to able to determine the real average costs per minute for live sex cam shows at was $2.41 per minute. No other methods are based on science unless they employ some similar methodology. Likewise, we used the same process for all of the most visited sex chat cam sites in the world.

See How Much StripChat Shows Cost Here Below..

StripChat reviews, just the money matters.

As you can see in our comparison table, StripChat has bumped down Home Webcam Models (reviews at that link) and offers cheaper cam girls shows than both this cam site as well as Chaturbate (reviews at that link) and Flirt4Free (reviews at that link). As a matter of fact the low-cost webcam girls shows were the 4th cheapest of all adult webcams sites we tested going back 3 full years. Prices for cam girls shows at this live sex webcams site were considerably lower.

stripchat models Live Model Window

Making sense of the StripChat Costs.

If you are a regular user of live cam girls websites you’re going to spend a considerable sum of money over a years time. Let’s say you have 1 cam shows once per week that last 10 minutes and that cam girl charges you $3.00 per minute. That equals $30.00 per week. Over a months time you would have spent $120.00. So multiple that times 12 months and it equals $1,440.00 per year. So you can see your annual costs for adult webcams shows would be dramatically lower if you could save 20% – 40% each time you have a private adult webcam show. 20% lower costs would mean a savings of $288 whereas saving 40% of that total expenditure would mean a total savings on adults webcams shows of $566.00 annually; which is a lot of money for most people.

Outcome of our study on live cam show prices for

The fact is we think that StripChat saves money on user acquisition allowing them to pay a higher split to cam girls than most other cam sites. Keep in mind the same company owns xHamster porn tube site and lots of users from that site end up watching shows at StripChat. In turn they offer affiliates less since cam girls are promoting the site as much as others. Together this savings allows the cam girls to make the same as they do on other sites by charging a little less. It’s at least this line of reasoning that made the most sense to us.  Whatever the case, is one of the lower priced adult webcams sites.

How Adult Cam Prices Compared

You also have to realize that our sample was small enough that in all honesty it allows for sample size error. That means that if you chose 5 cam girls here and did the same math it’s possible your average costs may differ. That means that of course StripChat webcams costs maybe a bit lower or higher for you. However, live sex webcam shows for under two dollars and fifty cents is really very reasonable even if your average rises to 3 dollars. If you are spending above 3 dollars per minute though you really need to start comparing the costs of adult webcams sites.

STRIPCHAT REVIEWS CONCLUSION: This cam site has taken over the 4th ranked spot for the cheapest adult webcams shows. The cam girl webcams show costs were $2.41 on average.

This of course still means that there are 3 other cam sites that cheaper than StripChat. Remember, our cam site costs comparison table shows the absolute best prices for live webcam sex. However, is was clear this adult webcams site is reasonably priced. Things like features and colors are so subjective we let users decide on that and instead focus on the costs of cam sites. This concludes our StripChat reviews. You can try StripChat using the visit website button here…

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